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Amarula Solutions at Fosdem 2024

We are excited to announce that Amarula Solutions will be presenting three engaging talks at the upcoming FOSDEM 2024 conference! This renowned event in Belgium brings together developers and enthusiasts from around the world to share knowledge and collaborate on cutting-edge technologies.

These are the presentations from our team:

1. Linux CAN upstreaming on MMU-less systems

This talk describes the issues and challenges faced during the development of the bxCAN driver on the stm32f4/7 architectures for the Linux kernel.

How has the development of the bxCAN driver evolved? Was it later merged into the Linux kernel? What packages needed to be updated to test this? What patches have been applied? What happened to them? The talk addresses these and other questions that we will explore. Read more

2. Flutter, Buildroot, and you!

Flutter is an open source user interface software development kit created by Google using the BSD-3-Clause license. It is used to develop cross-platform applications with a single code base. Although Flutter has traditionally been used for Android and iOS development, it is steadily gaining market share in the embedded Linux world. While the meta-flutter layer for Yocto has been usable since version 1.17.0 on March 31, 2020, the Linux SDK built into Buildroot has only recently added support, starting with Flutter version 3.13.9 on Buildroot version 2023.11. Read more

3. Flutter in Embedded

This talk will provide an overview of these topics, starting from integration into build system operating systems such as Buildroot and Yocto, showing the development environment and the differences between C++/QML and Dart/Flutter languages with code examples. Read more

Don’t miss them! Join us, we look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with you!

If you like to work with us, ask for the hiring business-card at the conference or apply now on our website, Job Offers page.

See you at FOSDEM 2024!

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