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How long does it take to merge with mainline?

To answer at this blog's question, there are cases where a patch or patchset should reach the community even before its coding. The answer is the general “it depends”: it depends on what functionality is implementing the merging patchset, on how deeply changes the...

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Why merge with mainline?

Have you noticed the power of open source software? Have you made efforts on customizing an open source project licensed with a GPLvX license? Have you based your business on an open source project? The question now is: why you do really think that maintaining a...

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The mainlining merge process

As the name says, mainlining is the process that aim to get merged private modifications of a common codebase (mainline) into it. Open source projects thrives around a common codebase called mainline This is not a trivial point: the mainline is the place where the...

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