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Bluetooth Low Energy expertise

Amarula Solutions has been working with Bluetooth Low Energy for the past 10 years, assisting companies in connecting their devices to Android and iOS mobile applications, as well as Linux/Android devices.

With expertise that spans from low-level coding on the host side to high-level application development, we have written firmware for embedded devices and developed code that extends up to the cloud.

Bluetooth use case

Our projects also span diverse fields and use-cases, including for instance beverage dispense systems, medical devices, geo-location of goods, device firmware updates, host side support in Linux and Android subsystems

Bluetooth support

All of our solutions are currently operational in the field and are used by our customers. We continuously expand our Bluetooth Low Energy – Amarula Solutions expertise, overcoming our customers’ challenges, using the latest trends and best practices. Our team of qualified engineers, proficient in C++, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and React Native, is ready to assist you in realizing your specific Bluetooth project or building a solution from scratch.

Bluetooth Low Energy projects

  • Bluetooth services wrap of Bluez API
  • Support Bluetooth chipset on Android devices from Lollipop to Android 13
  • Development of both native and non-native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Implementing both central and peripheral BLE Android device where bi-directional communication had to be established in efficient way, transmitting loads of data and triggering events
  • Embedded firmware development with full Bluetooth support, including device firmware updates using compressed differential technology
  • Read more about our projects

With several offices located in Europe, we are well-positioned to provide you with support and bring your project to reality.

Contact us now to discuss your Bluetooth Low Energy project requirements. We are ready to support you!

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