Embedded Linux Conference 2022

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The Embedded Linux Conference 2022 is part or the Open Source Summit. This is the event dedicated to the community’s open source developers and technologists. The Embedded Linux Conference is an opportunity to spread the culture of collaboration, of information sharing; to solve problems and acquire knowledge, promoting the sustainable innovation of open source. Meeting place for the open source community.

Our team attended the Embedded Linux Conference 2022. These impressions:

“It was a very nice experience. There was a chance to see and talk to people I sent patches.

I returned home with even more desire to do open source. It impressed me how people from all over the world can speak different languages ​​but share the same values. An inclusive development model that has definitively demonstrated its superiority over the close source one, and where winning means winning everyone.

Great was also the emotion for having had the opportunity to personally submit questions to the legendary Greg Kroah-Hartman and seeing Linus Torvalds sitting no more than 20 meters from me.”

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