Patrizio Gelosi

Senior Software Developer

I’m Patrizio, Software Engineer by profession and by passion. Since I received my Master’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Pisa in 1999, I have worked either for corporate companies (Telecom Italia, Vueling Airlines, …), or at self-founded companies/projects (Dispage, 3nce, HandyContract, …).

Here are some cool projects I’ve worked at: Natural Language Processing engines, platforms for processing Images (in 2D and 3D context) and Documents (Digital/Scanned), HTML graphic editors, and plugins for web applications (CRM, CMS).

Science, particularly Mathematics and Physics, has always fascinated me since my childhood, and sometimes I had the opportunity to combine my passion for science with my passion for computer programming. For example, while I was attending the college, I developed a computer application that simulated an environment in which a population of programs in a bidimensional programming language could spontaneously evolve.

When I have some spare time, I like to play piano: mainly some pieces by Chopin and Beethoven that I have studied when I was young.


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