Looking for Embedded System Engineer


Looking for Embedded System Engineer

We are looking for Embedded system Engineer. The resource will be integrated into our Linux BSP and Applications Team. He wil work on customizing Emedded Linux BSPs built in Buildroot or Yocto to fulfill customer’s needs.

The activities you will do:

  • Development of embedded software on userspace with hardware interaction.
  • Adapting, Optimising Linux kernel device drivers.
  • Adapting U-Boot support of custom hardware.
  • Improve daily through peer review with experienced Linux kernel developers.
  • Work on innovative Linux-based devices which will hit the market with your code inside.
  • Cooperate with developers, business analysts and other team members while solving problems.

We believe the most important skills are the commitment, the initiative, being optimist, the flexibility, and honesty.

The technical skills we are looking for are:

  • Solid understanding of C/C++ language.
  • Good knowledge of Linux / Posix programming.
  • Good understanding of scripting languages (Bash, Python, Perl).
  • Linux kernel device driver programming and U-Boot customization.
  • Experience at least in one of the following: Buildroot, Yocto.
  • Good understanding of hardware schematics.
  • Proficient in Git.
  • Focus on Quality and clean code.
  • Team Development.
  • English language for technical documentation and communication.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the technical requirements. We encourage you to contact us anyway. We are happy to find people with a desire to grow like you!

Apply now in Amarula Solutions!

We offer you full-time and permanent job. The remuneration is in accordance with the qualification.

The location we are looking for is for the Italian office and Czech Republic office. We are looking for someone who lives on the Italian or Czech territory. For this reason we will not consider applications that do not correspond to this request.

Go far, go together with Amarula! To see the complete job offer go to Jobs Embedded System Engineer.


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