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running mainline
running mainline

Running Mainline OpenSBI, U-Boot, Linux on HiFive Unleashed A00. The FU540-C000 is the world’s first 4+1 64-bit RISC‑V SoC, capable of supporting full-featured operating systems, such as Linux. It is the basis for the HiFive Unleashed Development Platform for the Freedom U500 family.

Having open source software running on new architecture(like RISC-V, SIFIVE) along with associated hardware platforms(SIFIVE-FU540, HiFive Unleashed) is always a myth. It requires a lot of effort within the organization but also from the community. The relevant Open Source software stacks Includes Firmware (OpenSBI), U-Boot (Bootloader) and Linux Kernel(OS). Here Amarula Solutions(India) voluntarily supported U-Boot mainline efforts for creating “Stanazzed boot flow for RISC-V target with help from other developers from the community.

Short summary how these Open Source software components are running on SiFive HiFive Unleashed A00 is,

  • Booting of OpenSBI as fw_dynamic
  • Booting of U-Boot SPL from MMC
  • Booting of U-Boot SPL from SPI
  • Booting of Mainline Linux using distroboot
  • Booting of Mainline Linux as initramfs from SPI flash
  • Booting of Mainline Linux via Mainline Buildroot

Here are the more references for Running Mainline software on SiFive HiFive Unleashed A00,
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