Prisma Mobile application


Prisma Electronics is a company specialized in the development and production of electronic instruments currently used in all Motorsport categories. Prisma develops innovative and cutting-edge solutions to improve the performance of racing vehicles and thus offer their customers maximum performance. Starting from these assumptions,  Prisma Electronics has become a leading company in its sector which boasts resellers in most countries of the world, covering important covers of sector magazines and seeing its products in the pits of the main teams in the most famous world championships, from carting to the Ferrari Challenge, WEC, LeMans series, GP2, GP3, World Superbike, Moto Gp.

Amarula Solutions has developed a native Android and iOS app for Prisma from scratch for a multifunctional digital tire measurements.

Challenges faced

  • Creating the application for iOS and Android
  • Automatic device model recognition via BLE 
  • Transmit data from various BLE devices with different data structures
  • Using geolocation with determining the closest racing track
  • Memorization and  convenient display of particular measurements within UI
  • Acquiring the actual weather information based on location and mapping with data from device
  • Possibility for user to add notes which are then mapped with the data from device
  • Remote BLE device configuring via the mobile app
  • Data export in common Excel format
  • Sharing data with other users (as exported file via external application)
  • Device Firmware update via BLE

Solutions implemented

  • Common UI design for both Android and iOS, simple, clean and easy to use
  • Native implementation for both iOS and Android
  • Distinguishing particular devices via BLE UUID services
  • Design the whole data structure within asn1 format and implement BER-TLV format for the data to be transmitted 
  • BLE handling to control the device and receive the data
  • Application database for persistent storage of all data
  • Device firmware update compatible with STMicroelectronics board standard FW upgrade protocol (on top of BLE)

Our benefits

  • Through this project we grew in the area of the iOS and Android application development (Design and Implementation)
  •  we can provide integrated solutions for Android and iOS operating systems;
  • We applied and improved the continuous integration process.

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