ChatGPT meets Gerrit

ChatGPT meets Gerrit - Amarula Solutions
ChatGPT meets Gerrit – Amarula Solutions

At Amarula Solutions, we extensively utilize Gerrit for our development processes, leveraging its robust code review and collaboration features. In light of its features, we concluded that the pairing of Gerrit and ChatGPT was a match already in the making. In our relentless quest for enhanced code quality and improved project management efficiency, we believe that incorporating ChatGPT into Gerrit can refine the review process and introduce an extra dimension of AI-powered intelligence.

As a Virtual Gerrit User, ChatGPT is empowered to

  • Offer Insights and Suggestions
  • Provide Automated Code Analysis
  • Respond to Queries from Developers

The so-designed Gerrit plugin is available as Open Source Project

This initiative is not just a mere experiment. It’s a full-fledged implementation being rigorously tested in the crucible of real-world, production environments.

This real-time testing scenario provides us with a golden opportunity to refine the integration, informed by practical feedback and demands for functionality enhancements.

We realized that it was the right time to move to production.

ChatGPT’s insight on a patched code segment in Python


ChatGPT interaction in response to an inquiry about a code line from a Java project


Learn more, Visit the ChatGPT Gerrit plugin website for more info!



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