Opensource Multimedia

Today every modern multimedia supported SoC’s comprises of variety of Display and Media controller interfaces bounded with LCD Panels, Bridges, Camera Sensing circuits via GPU and VPU to provide acute display and media acceleration. The Linux kernel support these controller interfaces via DRM and Media subsystems.

Amarula Solutions can help you leverage on these Linux Multimedia technologies based on our expertise of handling variety of multimedia field devices with associated customers. Our objective is to integrate the possible multimedia technologies together to support customer hardware and/or software can work in prominent way and at the same to mainline the same code to open source community.

From Linux multimedia architecture pint-of-view, Amarula Solutions would help on both Kernel and User space multimedia stacks from i.MX, Allwinner and Rockchip SoCs.

Linux DRM: Display Engines interfaces drivers and stacks like HDMI, RGB, LVDS, MIPI-DSI, eDP, LCD panels/bridges, touchscreen.
Graphics/Media: Mali, Vendor GPU drivers, QT5, Wayland, X11.
Media frameworks: Gstreamer, PulseAudio.
Linux V4L2: Streaming media controllers, Parallel Camera, MIPI-CSI, Camera Sensors, Dual Camera interfaces.

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