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Porting of Android 11 on PX30 Rockchip

Android 11

Amarula Solutions is a company working on Embedded Systems and Open Source Projects. In recent years we have been working on the design of rockchip modules. Our customers are constantly asking us for solutions on this type of chipset. For this reason we decided to have internal projects to have Android 11 running on top of a Rockchip design.

We have adapted Android 11 to the design of the Engicam PX30 reference board. We choose them because they are a well known NXP and Rockchip partner. They have large experience in SOM design in the industrial market.

The idea was to support the hardware platform on all the peripherals and functionalities for the industrial market. Android 11 is the latest version of the operating system provided by Google. Only a few mobile phones run Android 11 and even fewer on hardware platforms. Android is widely adopted even in industrial markets like Home Automation, Panel Pc, Alarm System.

The hardware was already supported in previous Linux work. It was an Analytical Scale. Even with this experience, Android is a huge code that needs to be properly adapted to run correctly on the platform, including touch controller, OTA update, wifi/bt. etc. All the Projects in Amarula Solutions include Build System, Continuous Integration,  etc.

Going to have a quick working operating system was a challenge. Android 11 was successfully running on the board including the following peripherals:

  • Connectivity (Ethernet and Wifi)
  • Screen
  • Energy saving (pause / resume)
  • USB (host and device)
  • Serial console
  • rtc clock
  • SD card
  • Emmc
  • ota update
  • persistent splash screen

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