Linux embedded on a digital scale


Linux Analytical Balance


Our client request a Linux embedded on a digital scale because they are analytical balance manufacturer. A precision sling bar is an object capable of returning an exact measurement even if the quantities weighed are minimal. The careful use of some ingredients to the tenth or hundredth of a gram can make a difference in terms of the quality of the mixture in some fields ranging from hobby to jewellery.

The most infinitesimal weighing are those that are being carried out in the laboratory, the instruments are highly sensitive and the detailed and meticulous precautions to work at their best. These are the so-called technical or analytical balances, capable of establishing the exact weight even below the milligram. These are tools clearly limited to specific sectors and not suitable for domestic use.

We worked in the re-engineering of the operating system and graphic assistance of the effective scale on the new electronics.



Rewriting of the communication protocol with the scale and management of the new functions like:

  • Multi-user
  • internalisation
  • reports and printing
  • networking
  • etc


Development of an operating system based on Buildroot with the possibility of local and remote updating. Local use via USB stick and remote through the use of an update server. Design and implementation of supplied QT on UX design supplied by the customer.

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