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Amarula Solutions Italy Celebrates its sixth Anniversary

Today 04 August Amarula Solutions Italy based in Treviso celebrates its sixth anniversary. In these 6 years of work we have strongly supported our customers to bring their product’s ideas to reality. Offered professional support for the maintenance of complex systems on the field.

We did an interview with Alberto Panizzo, Chairman in Treviso, to learn more about who is and what Amarula Solution Italy does.

Hi Alberto, could you explain to me?

Why did you decide to create Amarula Solutions Italy?

Italy is a great country. It’s a growing economy allowing companies like us to keep a steady growth year by year. Think that still 66% of our business is driven by italian customers. Now we like to call them partners. Another good reason is that Italy does have a large pool of talents that we can try to catch. And let them work in Amarula Solutions on challenging projects and with good salaries

What is Amarula Solutions Italy focused on?

Currently the market is moving fast. 2020 changed the rules and behaviour of our customers. Faster dealing time and strong need to complete the projects on shorted deadlines. Our focus is to support our customers with the best Open Source technology possible in multiple fields of applications. Home Automation, Medical Devices, Industrial/Rugged devices and Gym appliances.

How did you approach the Open Source world?

Well, thanks to the University of Padua, which provided me with a very challenging project as thesis work. This thesis resulted in several patches that stubbornly I succeeded to push on the mainline Linux kernel! not before a long line of rejections.

But all this tough work confirmed to me that the Open Source world is great. It is driven by people who care about everything from commas. Spaces in the code, till the most complex software architecture. All meant to produce quality software running now mostly all Cloud servers or Smartphones in the world.

What kind of project are you most excited about?

The projects which are meant to solve human needs. I do find myself proud when I do realize that those products on the fields are running. Because my software is in there. This is something that I’m repeating as well to all the teams where I do work. I say “That Home automation panel will run the next 20 years because You participated in the development”. This can be repeated for all the products we delivered in the past years.

What would you still like to learn?

Software development is an ever-changing world. I know at a certain point new minds must come to keep up with the technology. I’m not afraid of this, it’s human. But personally I need to learn how to become more a driver of this great company, being less engine. This will be the challenge of the year.

A personal passion?

Triathlon. Although the company does require a lot of effort. Especially in the past 18 months, the swim-bike-run combination is a great one.

What I do like more from this sport is that most of the athletes run the race to challenge them-self to finish the race. To accomplish the goals. Just a small group do race to win, but that’s an extraordinarily hard life. Then I do like the people a lot: as in all sports of fatigue, no bulls are there. Because everyone has to perform Great efforts even to finish the race!

How do you see Amarula Italy in 5 years?

Goal is to grow the team to the 10-20 member size. To achieve this, the whole Amarula Solutions will need to develop a stronger structure and improve on management, marketing and HR. We are working to let this goal happen.

What is the reason why a developer should choose to work at Amarula Solutions?

As I said before: because we do use the best open source technology available. Because we do offer challenges that very a few of other companies can offer to their employees. Last because every developer on this company do count on the success of our projects. Coming to work with us means to put your signature to real life products. That solves real life human needs and you can state “I’ve been there, that product is on the field because I did right my job”

Thanks Alberto and good luck!

On this important anniversary day, we would like to say thanks to our valued customers, partners, colleagues, family and friends. We proudly celebrate this anniversary. We have built many excellent relationships over the years and are looking forward to strengthening them further.

Amarula Solutions “Go far, go together”

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