Margherita Milani

Internship Embedded Software Developer

I’m Margherita and I’m from the province of Pavia, near Milan.
Currently, I’m studying for my Master’s Degree in Embedded IoT Computer Engineering at the University of Pavia. I’ve just finished my exams and I’ve joined Amarula in Amsterdam with the Erasmus program as an intern in order to do a working experience on which I can write my thesis about.

When I was studying in my bachelor degree I discovered my passion about low level programming and the embedded world. I love the idea of making a real impact on people’s lives through technology.

I’m drawn to the embedded course because it presents stimulating challenges, like optimizing software for limited resources and meeting real-time demands. It’s a field that constantly pushes me to think creatively and find solutions that matter.

I wanted to join Amarula because I know it’s the ideal place to learn practical skills and get expert guidance, especially in embedded systems. I’m excited to be part of a team where I can really grow and develop my abilities. My main goal is to learn as much as I can from everyone and everything here.

I love sports, especially volleyball and skiing. Traveling, explore new places and going out with friends are also among my favourite activities. Additionally, I like spending time with my two lovely dogs and my family, mainly during cozy Italian Sunday lunches.


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