Andrea Calabrese

Embedded Software Developer

I’m Andrea Calabrese, from Turin, Italy. I studied software engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, and I’m currently in the Netherlands.

I worked as a Ph.D. student for 3 years, and now I moved to Amarula Solutions. If you have known me during my Ph.D., you might recognize me as “the VCD guy”, as an efficient VCD parser was one of the big topics in my research. I joined this company because in my experience I liked low-level programming, and I also like to provide well-performing software.

In my spare time, I mostly listen to music, watch long video essays on Youtube and play videogames. Sometimes I also work on side projects that will never be see the light of the day (on the good side, I learn a lot from them). Sometimes I also play (terribly) some music and try to compose something original.


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