Open Source

At Amarula, we believe that opensource is one of the key development models for today’s software business cycle.By following open source principles and developing the majority of software publicly, in a collaborative way will ensure optimized, bugfree, and better reviewed code.We provide complete open source embedded software solutions to customers, mainline them and maintain the respective code based on the need factor.For achieving better participation in open source Amarula Solutions is creating all open source solutions and services through the development center.

Below are the key services/developments at our Development Center:


Today’s Embedded Industry is competitive and fast paced. Software developers must spend less time on commodity software and focus more on delivering innovative, next generation solutions which will set their products apart from the competition.

These innovative and engaging features can mean the difference between a successful and a failed new product launch.

Rapid development of next generation solutions, new functionality starts at the root level of the system’s software environment, at the level of the Linux kernel and Bootloader U-Boot.

Amarula Solutions strongly advocates open source principles and believes “Everything in Mainline“. The team has been working closely with the kernel, uboot and other open source communities for years. This way any code changes, be it framework changes, drivers and kernel/uboot ports for new processors find their way through the review process and into the official Mainline kernel, uboot and other community maintained softwares.

Our methodology offers significant advantage and helps customers in keeping their maintenance costs low and also achieve high quality code. Based on our experience, mainlining code changes requires a small amount of time in the product development cycle which is profitable in the long run.

Open source Multimedia

In today’s internet driven generation, multimedia technology is evolving at a rapid rate.

New multimedia standards are getting proposed and introduced and every standard implements its own infrastructure and because of this constantly changing environment different multimedia constituents like video, speech, audio and image require different sets of libraries. This is making the developers change existing multimedia applications to adapt to new standards which is not a smart solution.

Here at Amarula Solutions, a generic, modular and open source multimedia framework development is under progress where its main goal is to achieve compatibility between multimedia applications and various multimedia standards. The aim is to offer a set of standard API’s and modular architecture for easy customization for instance when adding support for new video, audio, container formats. The other aim being framework should be optimised in terms of memory usage or cpu performance when supporting different target platforms. All in all the end users should have a seemingly excellent experience when using audio/video editors, transcoding applications and streaming etc.

System Security

Today’s world is internet woven and lots of data exchanges happen via wired or wireless. In such circumstances an embedded system with the best possible security is one of the primary requirements.

Here at Amarula Solutions, we tightly address Integrity, Authenticity, confidentiality aspects of the security for our embedded systems.

We protect all the images and data with techniques such as Verified Boot in U-Boot, Validating Kernel modules, Executing signed binaries only. The team constantly checks and is up to date with state of the art embedded linux security.

Build Automation

In Embedded Linux Systems, Build frameworks play a major role in bringing up the target platform. There are various Build system frameworks available of which Buildroot and Yocto are the most popular ones. Each one of the systems namely buildroot and yocto have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here at Amarula Solutions, the team is coming up with a build system automation framework, where the ultimate goal is to achieve seamless integration of various build system components for generating build system images for various platforms, thereby saving time to delivery ready.

OTA Update

One of the major challenges in today’s Embedded Linux ecosystem is OTA (Over the AIr update).

We believe that developing the vast majority of software development publicly in a collaborative way will ensure that better by following opensource principles we provide complete opensource embedded software solutions to customers like submitting code changes and maintaining the respective code based on the need factor.
For achieving better participation in opensource Amarula Solutions is creating all opensource solutions and services through the development center.

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