Over the years we have developed and delivered many different solutions from mainline u-boot as per our customer requirements. Apart from customer projects, we have been also contributing to mainline u-boot development in number of ways and one of team member is maintainer of u-boot subsystems of U-boot SPI  and Allwinner SOCs.

In past we have provided following u-boot solutions:

  • U-boot porting
  • Secure boot
  • Falcon boot
  • Firmware update
  • U-boot customization
  • Boot time optimization
  • Watchdog and Redundant boot

We have mainlined many socs boards such as:

  • RK3399 SOCs: Nanopi T4, Nanopi M4, Nanopi Neo2/4, Orange Pi,
  • Allwinner A64, A20, A33, A13, H3, H5, H6 soc boards
  • NXP IMX 28/6QDL(L)  socs boards

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