Android on dart


The aim of this project was to develop a customized version of the Android Platform for the DART Mobile Phone focusing on three objectives:
• Battery Life
• WiFi always connected
• Audio call quality
The DART Mobile Phone is a custom embedded device, normally provided with closed platforms.

Deployment use case

The final product is deployed in an environment where multiple devices are always connected in an hard encrypted WiFi network. Within this environment, the single device is used as a personal digital assistant for what the environment concerns and as a reliable VoIP phone to communicate with the other devices.

To reach successfulness in this deployment use case, the OS customization have to excel in the upward objectives.

Device Key features

• CPU: Marvell PXA320 (ARM XScale powered with max operative freq of 800MHz)
• MEM : 128MB DDR
• Display: 3.5 inch with touchscreen
• WiFi b/g
• Bluetooth
• Double headphone outputs:
– Bottom: Standard 2.5mm Jack with 4 stripes (Stereo Headphone and mic)
– Side: Secure HR30-6R-6S(71) plug from Hirose Electric Co. LTD
• Front + Rear Speakers and built-in microphone

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