With a proven track record, Amarula can help you leverage U-Boot as your primary embedded bootloader as effectively as possible by providing hardware enablement and delivering turn-key build and integration solutions. Over past 5 years our developers has helped with dozens of chip/board bringup, customize the existing boot code, adding new features to Mainline U-boot, helping to review the Mainline code. and helping customers to their boot code to meet their requirements.

With vast array of projects that require working directly with Mainline, Amarula opensource engineers regularly contributing to Mainline U-Boot that will eventually improve the U-Boot and also reduce the burden of maintaining the code for our customers.

From the day-to-day basic of Amarula opensource engineers participation over Mainline U-Boot, to this day, we’ve successfully contributed nearly 500 patches and Maintainers for SPI, SPI-NOR and SUNXI SOC Subsystems in U-Boot

Amarula U-Boot contribution details, here

Amarula U-Boot Maintainers details, here