With Linux kernel v5.2 released, we are glad to announce about our all contribution in this release.

We have authored 22 patches,  Tested 3 patches and Acked 3 patch.

Here are the detailed stats of our contributions:

Jagan Teki

Authored (18)

drm/sun4i: sun6i_mipi_dsi: Fix hsync_porch overflow
drm/panel: simple: Add FriendlyELEC HD702E 800×1280 LCD panel
dt-bindings: display: Document FriendlyELEC HD702E LCD panel
MAINTAINERS: Add Sam as reviewer for drm/panel
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64-amarula-relic: Add OV5640 camera node
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Add pinmux setting for CSI MCLK on PE1
Merge tag ‘drm-misc-next-2019-04-04’ of git://…
Input: goodix – add GT5663 CTP support
Input: goodix – add regulators suppot
drm/panel: Add Feiyang FY07024DI26A30-D MIPI-DSI LCD panel
dt-bindings: panel: Add Feiyang FY07024DI26A30-D MIPI-DSI LCD panel
arm64: dts: rockchip: Add 12V DCIN regulator to rk3399-ficus
arm64: dts: rockchip: Rename vcc_sys into vcc5v0_sys on rk3399-rock960
arm64: dts: rockchip: Add Nanopi NEO4 initial support
arm64: allwinner: a64: Add Oceanic 5205 5inMFD initial support
dt-bindings: Add vendor prefix for oceanic
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64-amarula-relic: Add STLM75 sensor
arm64: defconfig: Enable SPI_SUN6I

Andrea Parri

Authored (4)

Acked-by (3)
Tested-by (3)

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