We are very happy to share annual statistics report on our buildroot contributions in number of ways, like submitting actual patches, sign-offs, testing, reviewing, and reporting bugs etc. This year we successfully increased our contributions in buildroot,not only in number of patches but also by reviewing and suggesting changes in the process.

We have submitted total 52 patches, and authored 1 Reviewed-by, 2 Acked-by tags.

We have much more patches queued in the subsystem maintainers repos  and some of them awaited in the review queue. We have dedicated developers for our open projects who are working hard to mainline boards. We are very confident to increase our contributions by significant margin next year not just in terms of number of patches but quality as well.

Here are the complete stats:

Angelo Compagnucci (39)

Jagan Teki (13)


Angelo Compagnucci (2)

Reviewed by

Jagan Teki (1)