Quality Assurance

QA Services

Amarula Solutions QA offers a full cycle of quality assurance services for Android OS and mobile applications. Together with our customer we choose the optimum strategy to fit each individual project needs. Our QA engineers ensure the highest quality at each deliverable, as a result of years of experience in testing customized and hardened Android operating systems.

We have experience in both waterfall and agile methodologies. Yet, we prefer to apply agile workflows in order to keep high quality of code from the early stages of development and to allow a more flexible approach to any new requirements during the whole project duration period.

Working with all systems integrated with each other

All our systems are fully integrated all the way from a test case management system, issue tracking systems, all the way to a version control system. This allows the whole team to work in a very efficient way.

Automation testing

Our QA team has years of experience in test automation varying from Android UI level testing to low level OS functionalities testing that include security and hardening features testing for Banking PCI certifications.

On our builds we are also running CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) consisting of tens of thousands tests provided by Google to prevent any incompatibilities throughout the development process.

During the development of automated tests we strictly follow unified code style rules. We also follow the same code review process as in the product development to ensure that the code is well readable and easily supported.

Types of testing

Functional testing

Custom test cases are created according to the requirements to ensure all the functionalities are correctly implemented.

Automation testing

Automated tests are developed to avoid any potential human errors and in general to help to deliver the product faster.

Performance testing

Performance testing is carried out to ensure that the OS maintains expected level of performance. The tests measure OS stability and responsiveness by selected set of automated and benchmark tests.

Regression testing

It is a common practice when a defect gets fixed or new features are implemented. Regression testing makes sure that the new code hasn’t broken anything in the already existing code.

Non-functional testing

We always perform security testing, performance testing, focused load testing and usability testing at absolute minimum.

System integration testing

We always perform SIT to validate the whole system runs according to customers expectation.



Our QA team has over 4 years of experience in Android OS and Android Application testing, test automation frameworks development, developing tests and test applications for Android. Among various successful projects we have worked on, our QA team helped to deploy over 80 000 PCI certified payment terminal devices running on Android 5.1 to the market.

Why introducing QA


Faster sign-off

Our team can quickly reveal and analyze potential defects during the development and effectively report them back in a structured way, thanks to extensive experience in Android testing. This helps to fix the code while it is still fresh in developer’s memory and to avoid unwanted delays in the final delivery.


Cost reduction

We define the right approach  since the beginning of the project to helps the whole team to work at the most efficient way throughout the whole life cycle of the project.

Possible issues are reported and fixed during the development to prevent possible code rewriting at later development stages.


High quality and good user experience

Thanks to our QA team customers get ongoing good user experience since our first project deliverable. The QA team is committed to provide high quality deliverables and improve customers satisfaction on all our projects.