At Amarula we believe that opensource is one of the key development models for today’s software business cycle. We believe that developing the vast majority software development publicly in collaborative way will ensure that better By following opensource principles we provide complete opensource embedded software solutions to customers like submitting code changes and maintaining the respective code based on the need factor. For achieving better participation on opensource Amarula Solutions is creating all opensource solutions and services through development centre Openedev.

Open source matters

The maturity of operation system has increased exponentially and the trust it has gained brought its adoption in every field of applied computer science. The Linux kernel is a good evidence: it powers now all kind of computer systems, from the New York Stock Exchange, across mobile phones and supercomputers to all kind of consumer devices.

This growth has deep roots in an increased stream of knowledge between the big hardware/software vendors and the open community. We are part of this stream by participating actively in the Open Source community.