Tumi Global Locator helps consumers keep track of any luggage and travel bags.

Tumi has teamed with telecom giant and IoT provider AT&T as well as hardware maker LugTrack and software experts of Amarula Solutions to roll out new generation of tracking locator. The device can be used in any bag and with the technology integrated that uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and BLE technology is able to track where your baggage is at any time during your travels. Amarula gave his own contribution to bring the Tumi Global Locator to be production-ready certifying the code quality, enhancing the BLE support, introducing the differential update, optimizing data consumption and battery duration.

Results are that Tumi Global Locator will be your most reliable friend during your travels: using the Android or iOS app you can keep track of the location of your luggage at any time. Locations are updated every 20 minutes in background to spare as much battery as possible but at your will you can request a fast location update to know exactly where your luggage is at that moment. With the Proximity feature than, things are getting thrilling: on proximity enabled your smartphone will notify you when your luggage is getting into or moving away your range. While you are waiting for your checked-in luggage delivery, no more stress fighting against your travel mates to get a clear view of the luggage door hoping to see your fellow coming. Just sit and relax waiting the notification to come.

What happen than if the luggage is not coming? Forget about the dear old long and harsh discussion with Lost&Found ending always with “We will call you on more details” having no idea about when you will get called back. As soon as the Tumi Global Locator comes out from his real plane you will know exactly where your luggage is, allowing you to choose between keep waiting or have shopping time!