After successfully delivering many years of software development services and product development from Europe. Thereafter, we started working with Jagan Teki from India and we see a fruitful growth on Embedded Linux and Mainline development  and hence, decided to grow and dedicate one of our offices to open source.  With this, we are very glad to announce that we are going to open our new office in Hyderabad, India.  

At Amarula India we would have Jagan Teki as CEO. You can reach either or  for all of your business and development queries.

Here, we will serve you with same quality as we have been doing all these years. However, we have decided to add on IoT development, in the list of linux, embedded software development, u-boot and mainlining services etc.

On summary our new Amarula India office works for developing

  • Boot Firmware (U-Boot, ..)
  • Embedded Linux
  • Mainlining
  • Opensource Multimedia
  • Android, IoT Solutions

We request your cooperation in spreading the words of the opening of our new Hyderabad office.

Lastly but not the least, we are very grateful for all over customers, partners, and our team for their immense efforts, support, and cooperation to make this happen.

Thank you for your support, and looking forward to work with you.

Amarula Solutions.