Hannover, March 7, 2013 Amarula Solutions developed the drivers for Gen2wave’s new Android phones. Today the official handover of the drivers for the first phone took place at the CeBIT in Hannover. President Lee Chanho (Gen2Wave) and CEO Ronald Koppelman (Amarula) signed for the delivery.
Earlier Gen2Wave closed an agreement with Amarula Solutions for the development of Android drivers for their brand new PDA devices. Until today Gen2Wave only supplied Windows powered phones. Ronald Koppelman, CEO of Amarula Solutions, is very pleased with this cooperation: “We are proud to guide our partner into the Android world”.

Rugged PDA’s

The Asian company is specialized in rugged PDAs, designed for use in extreme environments. Their PDAs are characterized by the size of the device. It is smaller than other rugged devices, making them easier to handle.

More devices are coming to Android

Amarula Solutions will continue developing Android drivers for Gen2Wave’s other handhelds. The RP1200 and RP1300 will be ported next and will become available later this year.

President Lee Chanho (Gen2Wave) and CEO Ronald Koppelman (Amarula)

President Lee Chanho (Gen2Wave) and CEO Ronald Koppelman (Amarula)