First Ever Open Source Firmware Conference is going to happen in Erlangen, Germany.

It has many talks and workshops regarding firmware and related technologies. The firmware and embedded developers are  getting together to increase collaboration and bring open source firmware development to the next level. We are pleased to announce that Amarula Solutions will be present at Open Source Firmware Conference (OSFC) 2018 both as attendee and speaker.

Our Jagan Teki would deliver u-boot workshop. His workshop is captioned as “U-boot from Scratch“, as the name suggests, In this workshop he will introduce U-Boot from scratch with a brief overview of U-Boot history, U-Boot Proper, SPL, TPL, Build process and Startup sequence. He will talk about various features and aspects of U-Boot such as Image booting, Falcon Mode, Secure Boot , device tree, device overlays, driver model and DFU, u-boot porting to new board with a demo. As one of the developers and maintainers of u-boot, he would also address and review ongoing development work, issues and future development regarding U-Boot.

If you want to speak with us, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to have a meeting with you.

See You Soon, Happy Hacking !!