If the customer has a private codebase, we are able to review and consolidate it in the way the final patchset will be ready to apply successfully the community review process in a timely manner even if the entire codebase has to be rewritten from scratch. This will be done in a complete community driven style hitting the correct mailinglists as soon as possible and managing the community interaction while the code will be merged in mainline.

The mainline is the place where the open source project thrives. It is an ever changing codebase that, during time, is consolidated in it’s functionalities and expanded to fit user’s needs. Amarula Solutions has a wide experience in merging private modifications of a common codebase (mainline) into it.

Community interaction

Our experience of the Linux development process, gathered working tightly with the development community, enables us to manage effectively the community interaction. Amarula will always achieve the mainline merge of private code and has wide experience in developing lacking functionalities.

Depending on the needs of the customer and the size of the private codebase, we are able to schedule the mainlining task and, while taking care of the development process, we will prompt the customer the feasible project version that will contain the full final patchset.


Amarula always offers the possibility to maintain the upstreamed code, in case customers don’t prefer to take care of this task themselves.

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Amarula Solutions at Devconf Bengaluru 2019

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Mainline: Rockchip RK3399 LPDDR4 bring up

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How long does it take to merge with mainline?

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