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Knowledge sharing…

Amarula Solutions have young team of developers and QA engineers who have been working with Android and Linux Kernel for many years knowing their details and history and have always been happy to share their knowledge with anyone needing their help. We also enforce code review by using Gerrit which guarantees quick feedback on everyone’s code which eventually helps to improve quality of the code written by all team members.

Helping you to grow…

At Amarula we support our team members in self-improvement by purchasing technical literature for the office, sending people to conferences or paying for courses that help them to grow.


In Amarula company we have a young team team of friendly people who are working together towards common goals and are happy to consult any issues with each other. We are open to ideas from little ones related to improving our work environment, through suggesting new work tools, all the way to the complex ideas about new potential products (we are currently designing such new payment product).

In the office we have a coffee machine, we also have different kinds of tea and fresh fruit.

You can also find here foosball table that we use when we want to relax.


Android application developer



  • Experience with Java development
  • Willingness to learn developing Android applications
  • Analytical thinking
  • Proactive approach to work
  • English intermediate


Nice to have

  • Experience in Android development
  • Experience with scripting
  • Experience with JNI/C/C++
  • Knowledge of operating system Android
  • Knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of Cryptography
  • Knowledge of Payment schemes


What you will do

  • Learn Android application development
  • Develop Android applications for payment industry
  • Improve the coding by review from other experienced developers
  • Work with innovative Android devices which are just coming to the market
  • Cooperate with developers, business analysts and other team members while solving problems


What you can do if you like to

  • Learn Android OS internals
  • Participate on Android OS embedding/customization
  • Participate on Continuous integration (using Jenkins, Gerrit, Bitbucket….)
  • Participate on developing automated tests
Embedded Linux Kernel Engineer

Currently we’re looking for passionate Linux Kernel Engineer at
Hyderabad, India location for Linux opensource and related ecosystems.

Software division:

Hardware division:


Experience: 2-3 years

Job activities

  • Developing board support packages(BSP) for new hardware.
  • Customizing board support package(BSP) for adding additional
    functionality like device firmware upgrade, boot-time, security etc.
  • Writing device drivers for U-boot and Linux kernel.
  • Fixing bugs in Mainline as well as customer issues.


Required candidate should have:

  • Strong passion towards Linux and related opensource projects.
  • Ability to work independently and communicate effectively.
  • Experience in C, Bash/Perl/Python.
  • Experience in ARMv7, ARM64 ports.
  • Experience in board-bring up.
  • Experience in Linux kernel and device drivers development.
  • Experience in U-Boot, Buildroot, Yocto.
  • Experience in using opensource tools and the opensource community.
  • Experience on working hardware debugging like JTAG.
  • Experience on understanding hardware schematics.


Please send us your latest CV to jagan at