Known as the biggest European conference for the Free and Open Source Software with hundreds of talks covering the whole spectrum of modern IT from web technologies to Embedded Linux, Amarula Solutions is glad to announce that we will be present at FOSDEM 2018 both as attendee and speaker.

Our Alberto Panizzo will talk about “Android Real Life experience in Production: how an application developer can survive in the chaotic Android ecosystem” in association with Teodoro Vadalà form BTicino. They will talk about the intricacies of getting an Android App running for a large user base with stringent requirements like real time audio/video and network reliability.

Buildroot developers meeting is an event which is held two times a year just before or after FOSDEM or ELCE. It’s a good chance for developers to meet together working on most outstanding issues and to forge the future of the project. For the first time Amarula Solution will be present at this meeting with the presence of Angelo Compagnucci.

If you want to speak with us, feel free to get in contact and we will happily find a way to meet!

Bye, see you soon!