Amsterdam, April 2, 2012 Amarula Solutions has become an official partner of the Asian company Jorjin Technologies. Both companies agreed on that today. By joining forces with the number one in SiP (System in Package) and SoC (System on a Chip) modules, Amarula Solutions can strengthen their position in complex projects.
While Amarula Solutions offers embedded software solutions, Jorjin Technologies provides customized hardware solutions. Through this agreement Amarula Solutions now can provide an all-in-one solution for wireless applications, like mobile phone, tablets, E-books and industrial PDA’s.

Quality hardware

Ronald Koppelman, CEO of Amarula Solutions, is very pleased with this cooperation: “We are proud to work together with Jorjin Technologies. We now have access to the latest technology of Texas Instruments at a competitive price. In a time where competition is high and efficiency is needed, we can offer high quality services to our customers”.

Wireless communication modules

Jorjin Technologies creates SiP and SoC modules: both are a very small piece of hardware where the former enables wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS) using Texas Instruments IP’s and the latter combine the latest TI OMAP(TM) Application Processors with low power RAM and Flash memories. By implementing SiP and SoC modules efficiency is attained. These modules can handle complex tasks, have superior performance, are very small and above all the power consumption is very low. The modules are cost-efficient and drastically decrease the overall hardware design complexity enabling less time to develop and manufacture.