Again! Like last year, Amarula Solutions will be heading this weekend to Brussels to be part of 2019 edition of FOSDEM.  Our Jagan Teki would deliver a talk.

Here is the complete details of the talk:

Title: U-Boot from Scratch v2019.01 edition 

Speaker: Jagan Teki

Track: Hardware Enablement devroom, 3rd February, 2019, 11:00 – 11:30


The U-Boot project has evolved in the time span of over 17 years and so as its complexity and its uses. This has made it a daunting task in getting started with its development and uses. This talk will address all these issues and share development efforts created by the U-Boot community.

In this talk Jagan Teki(Maintainer for Allwinner SoC, SPI, SPI FLASH Subsystems) will introduce U-Boot from scratch with a brief overview of U-Boot history, U-Boot Proper, SPL, TPL, Build process and Startup sequence. He will talk about other preliminaries such as Image booting, Falcon Mode, Secure Boot and U-Boot features like device tree, device overlays, driver model and DFU, etc.

With that said about the talk said, we invite you to meet us. Feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to have a meeting with you.

The participants or industrialist will have the chance to meet our team and have conversion with our Company founders,  CTO’s and Engineers from Buildroot, U-Boot, Linux Kernel namely,  Michael Trimarchi, Alberto Panizzo, Angelo Compagnucci and Jagan Teki.

Looking forward to meet you at Brussels!

Happy Hacking!!

Team, Amarula Solutions.