Main goal

Developing android application for movies database

Minimum requirements

1. Https connection to API (see the documentation

2. Listing movies from the database in application GUI.
Developer can decide on what will be the features and how the films will be acquired.
Developer can use for instance:

  • simple search of keyword set by user
  • using specific filter query: top rated movies, upcoming movies, now playing movies, etc.
  • or other ways described within API documentation

3. Selecting the specific item will show the detail of the movie – at least the name of the movie and its primary information.
The design is up to developer – appearance, additional features, how the information about the film is shown.

What will be judged

1. Code correctness (avoiding the code which might lead to bugs, providing code which can be well maintained)

2. Code style and readability

3. Documentation

4. GUI (appearance and user friendliness)

Access to the database API

For access to movies database developer can use our already generated API key (that must be used in the https requests, see the documentation on website):


All the information about the API can be found:

Providing the application source code

1. Sending by email to
2. Pushing to own private bitbucket repository and provide access for our bitbucket team –

Deadline for submitting the solution is Sunday midnight (29th of October 2017).

The winning solution will be published on with the link to source code and description of what made the solution winning the price.




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