Like previous year, Amarula has continued our contribution to the U-Boot community in number of ways. Start with patch submission, sign-offs, testing, reviewing, and reporting bugs etc. This year we successfully increased our contributions to the U-Boot community, not only in number of patches but also review and tested other changes in the community.

With that said, this year our 5 different developers did all the contributions. We have submitted total 154 patches, and authored 39 Acked-by, 202 Reviewed-by, 3 Reported-by and 38 Tested-by  tags.

Apart from this, our Jagan Teki, as custodian of u-boot spi subsystem has been the one the top committer in 2018.. We have dedicated developers for our open projects who are working hard to mainline boards. We are very confident to increase our contributions by significant margin next year not just in terms of number of patches but quality as well.

Here are the complete stats:

Jagan Teki (137)
Michael Trimarchi (9)
Alberto Panizzo (7)
Shyam Saini (1)


Jagan Teki (39)



Jagan Teki (3)


Jagan Teki (200)