Activities done on 2018

It’s been fantastic year for Amarula Solutions in terms of Mainline activities. We partcipated various popular embedded open source projects like U-Boot bootloader, Linux Kernel, Buildroot and Yocto.

Our dedicated Engineers, who were involved in these Mainline activities have delivered a significant amount of changes to relevant projects and have been working hard with Maintainers to get patches up on to the Mainline in proper shape and at right time interval. Thanks to all of them, Amarula appreciate your efforts.

Majority of our Mainline deliverables were based on direct need from customer requirements like

  • Adding their new real time device, SBC and CPU Modules support into Mainline
  • Customize or upgrade their local BSP’s into Mainline so-that they can get rid of continuous upgrades and local maintenance.
  • Bootloader upgrades which includes Secure boot, boot optimization etc.
  • Open source multimedia support including Linux drm, media, GPU, VPU and Qt, Gstreamer
  • Buildroot, Yocto, SWUpdate support for their custom BSP’s

Apart from customer needs, Amarula has contributed more and more  code into the Mainline to make project development cycle smooth and featurestic.  Areas like Memory Model in Linux Kernel and BSP support for NXP, Allwinner, Rockchip SoC’s are the part of key contributions from Amarula.

Throughout the year Amarula participated in well known technical conferences like  FOSDEM, OSFC, Linux Plumbers, and Linuxlab and our Engineers has delivered many talks like Linux Memory Model, Upgrading SWUpdate via Buildroot, U-Boot from Scratch in the same.

Roadmap for 2019

We hope that 2019 would be an another great year with fun and many challenges for Amarula. We have limited number of customer needs along with long list of plans for new projects support like Linux Memory model, Allwinner DSI/CSI drivers, new vendor panel support, Allwinner Clock, Reset support, OP-TEE, RISC V etc.

Thanks for all your help and support.

Wish you very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!

Looking forward to work more open as possible.